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From Milan (km 300)

- Take highway A1 southbound towards Rome, and once you are close to Piacenza, follow signs to highway A15
- On A15, once you are close to Parma, follow signs to highway A12 towards Livorno
- Once you passed Pisa on A12, proceed towards Livorno and get out at the "Stagno: zona industriale" exit

From Florence (km 104)

- Take highway A1 northbound towards Bologna, and get out at the "Firenze Signa" exit
- Follow signs to fast road "Firenze-Pisa-Livorno" (sometimes abbreviated as "Fi-Pi-Li") and take fast raod in the "Pisa-Livorno" direction.
- Once you are close to Empoli, get out at the "Livorno" exit and take Strada Provinciale SP40
until you reach Livorno.

From Rome (km 330)

- From the Grande Raccordo Anulare "G.R.A." follow signs to highway to Fiumicino-Civitavecchia and get out at the relevant exit.
- After several kilometers, the highway bifurcates: turn right towards highway A91 in the "Civitavecchia" direction.
- Drive on A12 unitl the highway ends and merges into Aurelia "SS1" northbound.
- Proceed on SS1 for about 230 km until you reach the "Pisa-Stagno" exit, where you get out.